How much does it cost to register on Gamespay?
It’s completely free of charge.

How do i register on Gamespay?
Visit the Gamespay website and click on “Sign Up” in the top right hand corner,  fill in the registration form and you can submit by clicking on “Register”. N.B: Your personal details need to be very correct.

How do i retrieve Forgotten Login Details?
To retrieve your password, click on “Forgotten Password” on login portal.  However, if you cannot remember your username, don't worry, its same as your email address .

How do i Change my Password?
To change your password, Login into your Gamespay account, go to “Account Details” Insert the new Password and click on save. 

How can I update Incorrect personal details/email?
Login to your Gamespay account, Click on “My Account”, edit or add various details, then click on “Save”.

Is it possible to open more than one account on Gamespay?
No. Multiple accounts are not allowed.

What is the minimum age for betting on Gamespay?
It is strictly forbidden for persons under the age of 18 to open an account in Gamespay and use our services.

How to Deposit with Debit Card?
1. Go to "My Account" section at the top right corner on the page and click on the "Deposit Funds";
2. Click on "Fund wallet by card";
3. Insert the Amount you want to deposit and click on "Submit";
4. Select your payment platform;
5. Follow the next instructions to complete your payment.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount with a Debit Card?
The minimum deposit  with a debit card  is NGN 1,000. The maximum deposit with a debit card is NGN 999,999.

Are there any fees to pay when depositing?
No, there is no fee when depositing with Gamespay. Nevertheless, payment platforms have their various charges.

Can I use my international card?
International cards cannot be used on the Gamespay website. Only Nigerian Debit Cards can be used on Gamespay website.

Where can I view information about my old transactions?
Click on "My Account", go to transactions.

How do I Withdraw?
1. Go to "My Account" section at the top right corner and click on "Withdraw Funds". 
2. Select your Bank details (Ensure you save your bank details. Follow instructions on page)
3. Insert your information in the blank space and then click on "Next". Withdrawals may attract some charges as displayed during the withdrawal process. Withdrawals are instant anytime of the day, and any day of the week.

How do I become a Gamespay Agent?
If you want to be an Agent of Gamespay, please send an email to: agent@gamespay.com and our team of professionals will respond to all your queries.